Areas of Expertise
Ridership Surveys/Data Collection

RLS & Associates, Inc. has established an excellent record of survey and data collection from which to build its many service and operational plans and assessments, built from its over two decades of experience in transit planning and human services transportation coordination, including experience gained in major transportation provider surveys conducted in large urban and small rural areas, and everything in between..  Without accurate and reliable data, transit systems or human service agencies cannot accurately assess its service, plan improvements, or make adjustments to its service.  

Data is collected through a variety of means, which are determined based on the transportation goals of the local community.  RLS & Associates has discovered that the key to a successful survey/data collection effort is starting with a comprehensive plan for survey distribution, administration, follow-up methodology, and survey management.  Stakeholder interviews and surveys can be conducted one-on one, either in a personal meeting or on-board vehicles, as well as via focus groups and community involvement meetings.  Survey instruments are designed with standardized, clear, and concise questions to yield results that can be quantified for the most accurate findings.  RLS also uses state-of-the-art on-line survey instruments, where results can be easily reviewed, confirmed, and tabulated.