Claire Oswald

Ms. Claire Oswald works out of the Dayton Headquarters. A strong project manager, Ms. Oswald has over seven years of experience in coordinating and conducting outreach and public input for state and local coordination plans. She is an accomplished consensus builder and excellent communicator, highly regarded for her ability to clearly articulate concepts. In addition, Ms. Oswald has a strong background in planning, grants management, transit accounting, and regulatory compliance developed during her 18-month, on-site assignment with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) Office of Transit in Columbus, Ohio. As part of ODOT’s grants management team, she learned all aspects of the State processes for Section 5311 grants management, applications, invoicing, auditing, and oversight. Ms. Oswald also gained a strong understanding of the local role, working extensively on-site with Section 5311 systems in Ohio on various application, accounting, and invoice tasks. This experience has provided her with great insights into both the State Program administration and oversight processes as well as grants management and administrative requirements at the local level.

Ms. Oswald’s roles and projects at RLS include RTAP Coordinator for both the New Hampshire and Massachusetts RTAP programs; Lead Planner for local, regional, and statewide coordination plans; Lead Reviewer as part of RLS’ regulatory compliance team’s engagements in Indiana, Illinois, and Oregon; Project Manager and Lead Researcher for the Hancock-Hardin-Wyandot-Putnam Community Action, four-county coordinated transportation plan and the Comprehensive Needs Assessment for the same four-county area; Co-Project Manager for the New Hampshire Statewide Coordination Plan; and major contributor to the Indiana Section 5310 Program manual.

Ms. Oswald completed a Bachelor of Science in Political Science degree at the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA.

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