Service Evaluation & Planning

RLS & Associates, Inc. (RLS) has emerged in recent years as one of the country’s leading consulting firms in the planning and design of urban public transportation and paratransit services. RLS also remains a leader in the planning of small urban and rural transportation systems. RLS offers a unique, often innovative, perspective on planning public transportation service that is built on a pragmatic approach and knowledge of both traditional and new techniques used in the design of many types of transit services. RLS offers a number of related products in this area from ridership/passenger load profiles, on-board survey summaries, route segment ridership productivity, and route profiles, to complete schedules and run-cuts.

ADA Complementary Paratransit

Demand Response

SWOT Analysis/Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (TVA)

Facility Planning

RLS provides facility planning and design assistance to small urban and rural transit systems which may be purchasing, building, or rehabbing an existing facility. A complete package of templates and documents to assist transit systems in this process was developed during the era of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act projects, which continue to be useful benchmarks for such planning yet today. The documents include a facility design template, design guidelines, guidelines for evaluating cost proposals, a Documented Categorical Exclusion (DCE) checklist, and a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for procuring Architectural and Engineering Services. A series of workshops was also developed to assist transit systems with their construction projects, including one on Environmental Clearance, DBE and A/E services, and Quality Assurance. Various other products were also developed as part of this project.

Fixed Route

Flex or Deviated Route

Human Service Agency

Intercity Bus

Micro Transit Design

Multi-Modal Planning

Operations Planning


Strategic Planning

Strategic planning can range from one to two-day facilitated brainstorming sessions to establish goals and objectives to more extensive plans result in a detailed action plan.

Technology Planning

As the technology industry as a whole has exploded over the last two decades, transit has been the beneficiary of many of these technological advances. From state-of-the-art fare collection equipment, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), geographic information systems (GIS), dozens of software applications for improving and enhancing dispatching and scheduling functions to the use of on-line surveys and training technologies, transit systems have access to a vast array of technological tools to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their transit services. RLS has assisted state Departments of Transportations (DOTs), urban, small urban, and rural transit systems, and private nonprofit agencies in this area by assessing their technology needs and evaluating the different available applications and products. Specifically, RLS has assisted with the development of technology plans, training programs for a specific software application, and specifications development and reviews; reviews of computer hardware/software bid procurements; the research, analysis, and recommendations for fare collection; and more. In addition, as part of transit facility design projects, RLS also provides input and guidance into the technology needs and requirements for these facilities

Transit Service Design

RLS & Associates, Inc. offers full scale planning services, assisting clients with a variety of planning assistance, including the development and design of new transit service; operational planning to assess current operations and make recommendations for improvement and expansion; and strategic planning to help guide and direct transit service in the future. Service and operational planning both include a comprehensive assessment of existing service, an extensive public input process, culminating in a 3-5 year plan for service improvement/expansion with a step by step implementation plan.

Tribal Transit

RLS has worked with over 30 tribes across the country and is experienced in the subtle and distinct differences between working in Indian country versus rural or small urban areas, even though tribes face some of the same challenges as non-tribal jurisdictions when it comes to transit planning, technical assistance and Federal compliance. RLS staff understand the use of tribal transit funding, government to government relationships, and tribal sovereignty. RLS has assisted tribes with transit service design and development of coordinated approaches with other tribal programs like Indian Health Services, Elder Programs, and casinos. With a focus on access to healthcare, employment, education, shopping and wellness programs, RLS can work with tribal transportation departments and tribal governments to develop solutions beneficial to tribal members and surrounding communities.

Staff Expertise

Robbie L. Sarles

Robbie L. Sarles President Ms. Robbie Sarles, President, and founder of RLS & Associates, Inc., has worked over 37 years in the transit industry in progressively responsible positions, in both public and private sectors. Since founding RLS in 1987 in Dayton, Ohio, she...

Ray Boylston

Mr. Ray Boylston Senior AssociateMr. Ray Boylston works out of the RLS Raleigh, North Carolina office. He has over 29 years of experience in transit planning, management, operations, and finance at the federal, state, county, and municipal levels, in both the public...

Laura Brown

Laura Brown Senior Associate Ms. Laura Brown works in Sumter, South Carolina and is the Senior Associate for RLS’ coordination and planning projects. Ms. Brown has a diverse background of transit planning and financial management and analysis experience as well as a...

Richard (Rich) Garrity

Richard (Rich) Garrity Senior Associate Mr. Rich Garrity is located in the RLS Wilmington, North Carolina office. He has over 40 years of experience in transit and paratransit planning, operations and management evaluation, coordinated transportation services, policy...

Charles Glover

Charles Glover Senior Associate Mr. Charles Glover works out of the RLS Raleigh, North Carolina office and has over 39 years of public transportation experience, with extensive expertise in the planning and development of coordinated transportation services and...

Julie Schafer

Julie Schafer Senior Associate Ms. Julie Schafer is located in the Dayton Headquarters. A former Section 5311 transit manager of a seven-county public transit system in rural Indiana, she has over 18 years of experience, 15 years of that in transit system operations...

Richard (Rich) Schultze

Richard (Rich) Schultze Senior Associate Mr. Rich Schultze is located in the Dayton Headquarters. He has over 42 years of experience in a range of passenger transportation modes and settings, including route and service planning for the Washington Metropolitan Area...

Kelly Shawn

Kelly Shawn Senior Associate Mr. Kelly Shawn is located in the RLS Alexandria, Virginia office. With over 31 years in the transit industry, Mr. Shawn is an experienced trainer, facilitator, and project manager with extensive expertise in small urban, rural, and tribal...

Christy Campoll

Christy Campoll Associate Ms. Christy Campoll is located in the RLS Indianapolis, Indiana office. As a former transit manager and transportation vice president, Ms. Campoll managed a successful rural, demand response transit system in central Indiana. This $1.5...

Zachary (Zach) Kincade

Zachary (Zach) KincadeOffice Manager/GIS SpecialistMr. Zach Kincade is the Dayton Headquarters Office Manager, as well as over eleven years of experience as a project manager and Lead Analyst for RLS data collection and survey analysis projects. He also provides...

Rosamary Amiet

Rosamary Amiet Quality Assurance Editor Ms. Rosamary Amiet is a remote employee located near Columbus, Ohio who provides editing and quality assurance for RLS’ products and proposals. She retired in 2004 from the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) with over 31...

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