Sara Trafton

Ms. Sara Trafton is located in the Dayton Headquarters. She is an experienced transit and project manager with over 15 years of public transportation experience, and a background in strategic planning, executive management, grant development and administration, Federal grants management, resource development and marketing, labor union negotiations, and Federal and State compliance. She added State DOT administrative experience to her list of skillsets during a two-year assignment with the ODOT Office of Transit at ODOT Headquarters as a Rural Transit Representative for Section 5311 subrecipients. In this position, she provided technical assistance and support to approximately 15-20 Section 5311 transit systems in grants management, invoicing and accounting, regulatory compliance, etc. In addition to her other responsibilities, Ms. Trafton assisted with the Office’s Drug and Alcohol Program oversight—reviewing the annual DAMIS reports. She also assisted the office staff members in their preparation for their FTA Drug and Alcohol Program audit and served as the Ohio representative to the Multi-State Technical Assistance Program (MTAP). She continues to provide grants management support to the ODOT staff.

This combination of local and state experience has given Ms. Trafton a unique perspective into transit program administration and management that is particularly helpful when working with local transit systems.

Ms. Trafton is a member of the RLS Compliance Monitoring Team as a content expert in procurement and ADA and is a Lead Drug and Alcohol Reviewer for the RLS Texas Drug and Alcohol Compliance project. She also provides support to RLS Senior Associates on planning and coordination projects and conducted an on-site assessment of the Nevada DOT’s transit office to evaluate and recommend enhancements to the office’s FTA program administration.

Ms. Trafton completed her Bachelor of Science in Communication/Bachelor of Arts in Sociology at the University of Southern Maine, with Concentrations in Labor Studies, Organizational Strategy and Public Relations. She also holds her CTAA Community Transit Manager Certification; NTI Mobility Management Coordination Certification; and completed the Leadership Intensive, Omicron Class – Institute of Civic Leadership.

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