Frontline Hero

RIBTC Rural Mobility Award

At this year’s virtual Rural Public and Intercity Bus Transportation Conference (RIBTC) on October 25-27, 2021, we recognized the commitment of ALL of the transit workers who provided essential transportation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Rural Mobility Champion Award is presented to ALL rural frontline transit heroes that unselfishly provided and continue to provide essential transportation services during the COVID-19 Pandemic. When everything else stopped, our rural transit frontline heroes made sure that essential workers got to their jobs, vulnerable populations got to much needed medical appointments and treatments, and passengers got to testing and vaccination sites.

Our frontline heroes showed up to work every day regardless of the risk to their own well-being and safety, concerns about the exposure they might be bringing home to their loved ones, the emotional toll associated with the loss of too many passengers to the virus, and the unprecedented levels of stress associated with the chaos, isolation and uncertainty of the times. While others stayed at home or dealt with issues from afar, our rural transit workers came to work every day to serve the public.

This award recognizes them for the heroes that they are. Congratulations and thank you!

-Robbie Sarles, RLS & Associates, Frontline Heroes Nominator

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