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RLS & Associates, Inc.’s (RLS) mission is to help the transit community meet current and future challenges in an affordable, practical, and high quality manner, while maintaining the highest standard of honesty, integrity, and professionalism.

Throughout the United States, RLS provides training, technical assistance, and transportation management and operations consulting services to small, medium, and large public transit systems, federal and state departments of transportation, government agencies, and paratransit operators.

Areas of Expertise

The ten major Areas of Expertise listed here, represent the general types of assistance RLS has provided in its over 36 years of service to the transit industry. Have a unique challenge? Contact RLS and its team of highly trained transit professionals. The RLS team is ready to help!

  • Civil Rights
  • Coordination & Mobility Management
  • Drug & Alcohol Regulations
  • Financial Management & Cost Allocation
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Service Evaluation & Planning
  • Surveys & Data Collection
  • State DOT Assistance
  • Training & Technical Assistance – National, State, & Local
  • Transit Agency Technical Assistance & Training

What’s Keeping Us Busy

Ten-Year Transportation Development Plan

RLS & Associates, Inc. is conducting a comprehensive and data-driven analysis of market conditions and a review of the governance and administrative structure, existing services, and capital assets for Richland County Public Transit.

RLS Continues with Year Four of CORTAP

RLS was selected as one of the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) task order Comprehensive Oversight Review and Technical Assistance Program (CORTAP) reviewers. Now in year four, RLS will conduct reviews in FTA Region 7. RLS staff also continues to provide remote support to FTA through corrective action technical assistance.   

RIBTC 2021 Rural Mobility Champions’ Award

RLS & Associates, Inc. President, Robbie Sarles, presented the Rural Mobility Champions’ Award to all of the transit workers who provided essential transportation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click Here to read more about the award to our Frontline Heroes   


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